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A Blog Makeover

It’s Saturday and you can tell that I only had a few hours of school work to do today.

I decided that this blog needed an update. Actually, I’ve known that it needed an update for awhile, I just haven’t had the time or the inclination to do it. I guess today was that day.

I started last night by looking around through the Worpdress Codex for a theme. I ran into a few that I liked, downloaded them, installed them, and then kept right on looking.

This morning I ran into Cybrechimps and the themes they have available. I’ve never bought a WordPress theme before, but this time I was looking for something a little different. I also needed a theme that was more responsive to people who surf the web on their mobile or on their tablets. My old theme didn’t reflect the way that people use the web now. So I spent the $30.

It’s often hard to tell in your blogging stats how many people actually visit the site vs. getting the content from an RSS feed or some other way, but if you show up here, hopefully everything is working fine. I’d appreciate any feedback or thoughts that you’ve got and be sure to let me know if things aren’t showing up on your screen just right.

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  1. Hi Clarence, Your post brings a smile to my face. This is actually hard to put into words. A blog makeover can be like replacing a car. You consider look, feel and functionality. An occasional blog makeover is good. The incredible thing is that in this day and age tools like WordPress make it so easy. Attempting to do something similar 10 or more years ago with a site built entirely through a GUI tool like Dreamweaver would be impossible. I gave my site an entirely new look January 2011. I also bought a theme, designed for restaurants mind you, called Rezo by Themify.

    Coincidentally, last night I was looking at two other themes by Themify, namely Grido and Wumblr because I wish to speed up my site. May rework mine during the holidays in January 2013.

    Your blog looks fine and everything seems to be working fine. Just a couple of things. You might like to add an archive and category widget to your sidebar Clarence. This post has not yet been categorised so in the breadcrumb navigation for this specific single post page it states “uncategorised”. A specific post category may look better in that navigation.

    Cheers, John

    • Clarence Fisher

      Thanks John for stopping in and taking a look around. Funny you should mention Dreamweaver as I was thinking the same thing. I used to make sites in Dreamweaver and there is no way that I had the skills to make a site (even like this one) using that technology.

      What else is amazing to me is the community that works on sites and all of the parts and pieces using WordPress. Along with the new look to the site, I am doing some behind the scenes clean up. Playing in what my sons call the “dangerous part” of my site. I’ve found a few plugins that are causing trouble and am doing some database work to try to rectify a few things. All along the way, I can hunt down almost anything I need since people are so willing to share both their questions and their solutions.

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