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A simple question based on some good news.

I’m getting a new set of laptops for my classroom.

An opportunity to do things differently. Like a whole new set of textbooks, but infinitely more exciting, interesting and useful. I actually believe that the software that is available to the students in your classroom is as important and as telling about what kinds of activities occur and are honoured in that space as are the types of books that are on the shelves.

Most of what we do in my classroom is online. Access to online services and accounts such as google docs and reader, soundcloud, Flickr and WordPress are essential to my classroom.

But I’m wondering about software. Old fashioned, on the hard drive software. What are you using? What couldn’t you live without?

Scratch and Audacity are two of mine. I think these two pieces are pretty essential to have on machines. But I’m wondering what else is out there that I might not have considered. What are the cornerstone, building blocks of software that you think are basic and essential in any classroom?

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  1. I would add to your list:

    Google Sketchup
    Google Earth
    VLC media player
    Format Factory

    A screenshot program like greenshot

    A screencast program like Jing or Screencastomatic

    Then there is the question of browser plugins ….

  2. I’d add for software, and yes, those browser plugins and apps.

  3. Clarence Fisher

    Thanks for dropping by and doing some thinking here. Software is important. The type of software you have for kids to use is as important as the kinds of books you have on the shelves. I hadn’t really thought about google sketch up although one of the kids in my class was telling me last week that he had experimented with it. The same goes for something like jing. I have it on my own machine, but hadnt thought of it in the classroom.

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