Raspberry Pi Education Manual

raspberry pi

I just can’t leave the Rapsberry Pi project alone.

I still don’t have one yet, but they keep putting out cool stuff that continues to amaze me.

New on their site is a pdf manual that really is aimed at students but would be great for teachers as well. I love the attitude of the whole project.

This is taken from the first few pages of the manual:

“This user manual is different. Don’t expect a dry-as-dust description of how
to plug things in or where to find your serial number. And you certainly won’t learn
how to create a spreadsheet or a presentation. That’s really not computer
science, it’s something else entirely.

Instead, think of this manual, along with your Raspberry Pi, as a
“computer science set�. Have you ever been given a chemistry set? With a
chemistry set, you can make lots of bangs, smells and odd-coloured goop to
learn all about elements, molecules and compounds.

We’re not going to make odd-coloured goop, but we will use experiments
to discover how to program a computer to create your own games and animations,
how to make graphics appear on screen just by typing in the right code (just like
the developers of your favourite games do), how to get a cat to do your maths
homework for you, and much more.”

Spend $25 and get a “computer science set?”

Very cool stuff.

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