Having a pet is a full-time responsibility. However, like any person with a huge responsibility to take care of, pet owners also need a break from time to time. Anything that makes people’s lives easier will be welcome, and if they make their pets happy while they are at it, then even better. The animal care industry has progressed enough to know exactly what pets like and how they can get entertained. Yes, they have deciphered this big secret even for the most temperamental of house pets: the cat. Below, we will go over four of the most essential toys and accessories you need to get for your cat in order to make both of your lives easier and better.

Cat collar and tag

If you have ever had a cat and you live in a house, then you have also had your cat get lost for a day or two. Hell, even cat owners who live in apartments can have their cats escape in a split second of distraction. We all know cats are independent animals and like to go on adventures, particularly at night. Save yourself some trouble and get your cat a collar and a tag with your information on it so people know it’s not a stray cat when they see your furball hanging out on its own.

Cat tree

Cats like scratching and filing their claws, and even when they do have a designated place to do it, they can drive you crazy by doing it to your bed, your furniture, your walls, your doors, and more. To avoid these scenarios from happening as much as possible, a cat tree is something you should definitely get for your cat. The best cat trees double as castles where cats can climb and play so they don’t get bored of them as quickly. For a list of the best cat trees for your purring one, make sure to check out this page.

Automatic cat feeder

A hungry cat is a dangerous cat. Let’s be honest, it can even be an annoying cat. However, it’s only logical that they get more and more hungry if we as owners give in to their every demand (I mean, how could we say no to that face?). To save yourself some time and trouble in the long term, an automatic cat feeder can do wonders. You will rid yourself of the pressure of constantly giving treats to your cat, while also making your cat gets used to a regular feeding schedule. Everyone wins, so if you’re interested in one, you can look at automatic cat feeders here.

Cat bed

Last but not least, a cat bed is a great accessory to get for your cat if you want to get them their own space (although they basically own the house). It’s good that your cat has its own resting place, particularly if they share the house with another pet. These animals can be moody and territorial, so having a safe retreat place gives them a well-deserved break. Cats can get stressed easily too, so beds are also great for them to knead on instead of your bed or precious furniture.

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