Whether you want to throw a revolutionary party in the wilderness with your close friends or organize a family trip in nature, a spacious enough tent is certainly a priority. However, space is not the only prerequisite of a comfortable experience. Other important considerations should go to the level of intimacy and convenience that the room provides. 2 room tents are a favorable alternative, due to providing you with an extra room that you can use in any way you desire.

Our top picks for 2 room tents

1. Coleman 8 Person 2 Room Tent 

You don’t have to be a family of 8 to buy this tent. You’ll find extremely manageable the additional space either for gear storage or for games and other indoor activities. Also, the room divider enables you to spare a room for dining or simply create two bedrooms for more intimacy. The tent features a fastpitch design that implies easy-to-setup facilities, leaving you plenty of time to experience the beauty of nature. Functionally-wise, an approaching gale won’t cause you stress since the tent provides reliable weather technology. Regarding durability, the tent features polyester and fiberglass which are above-average materials.

2. Browning Camping 2 Room Tent

Many things made this tent one of our top choices. First, the model features fiberglass poles that ensure steadiness and durability in time. Furthermore, it is widely known that this kind of poles are easy to set up and will take little of your time. The 6 integrated windows are another highlight and will ensure proper ventilation inside the tent. Also, the mesh roof supplements the facile air circulation.

3. Canvas Tent For 8

This tent features a reasonable height that would meet the expectancies of taller adults. With a canvas finish, the model is sturdy enough to shelter you in the wilderness a few months. For entering the tent, two doors facilitate proper interior ventilation with 4 additional large windows. Also, two tunnel-flow vents will promote the air-flow inside the tent and manage the temperature by keeping it at a convenient stage.

Central factors for a high-quality tent

  • material
    Both the sheet and the internal materials are very important to the longevity of a tent. For instance, an internal mesh finish is suitable for summer weather conditions, while polyester works better during winter. Regarding flysheets, silicone nylon is the best-viewed material but has the downside of being costlier.
  • weight
    Since you’re not backpack camping with family tents, weight might not seem that important. However, a lighter tent is easier to manage, and the ones that have pricier tags can prove themselves just as durable as weight a few extra pounds.
  • height
    While lower tents are not that inconvenient when you’re camping alone or in two, for more than 3 adults, it can become a hassle having to constantly bend while avoiding others around in an attempt to exit the room. Cabin tents provide the best heights since their roofs don’t fluctuate in dimension at the edges.
  • ventilation
    More people mean more consumed oxygen, which leads us to expectations of faster and easier ventilation. Spacious tents that provide many windows and mesh roofs prove to be the best at facilitating air circulation and refreshing of the interior atmosphere.
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