I don’t usually post links any more. That’s what I’ve got a twitter account for.

But I thought this one was worthy of its own post.

The 26 minute video below was produced in Australia by ChildFundAustralia. It is the result of what happens when you give 300 kids in 4 different countries video cameras and tell them to shoot footage of their days.

It’s worth your time to watch. I plan on watching it with the kids in my class.

But more than that, I think it is something that we could reproduce. What are the lives of our kids like? There are so many of us that live in all of the corners of the globe.

So I’m putting the invitation out there.

Anyone interested in doing something like this with other classes? You don’t need a lot of kids or equipment. You could simply give a camera to one or two students, get them to shoot their video, upload to a certain spot (my Dropbox?) and then it could be mixed in with the footage that is shot in other places. It would be even more interesting if we left the raw footage in my dropbox and teachers and classrooms who are involved with the project and interested could take that video and make their own version, all of us using the same footage. It would be interesting to see how they would be similar or different from each other.

Anyone interested? No big time commitment. One or two basic cameras. One or two kids (more if you want). A few minutes of footage of their day.

Get in touch with me at: glassbeed at gmail dot com  or leave a comment on this post if you’re interested. If we can collect a few people, I’ll email you and we’ll make some plans to move ahead.

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