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Networks into Movements

“The Web can be a morass of grossly uncivil discourse and misinformation, and it can be an accessible and inexpensive medium for community-building and political activism. The difference lies not in the technology but in the literacy — know-how is the critical difference. Lots of people have the know-how to organize demonstrations and riots, get out the vote and shut down institutions. Those who gain the know-how to transform networks into movements might gain the keys to power — for better or worse — in coming decades.” Great quote from Howard Rheingold; one contributor to a set of articles published…

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Truth from Fiction

A few weeks ago I embedded a video on here that had been made by Howard Rheingold. Called Crap Detection 101, this 20 minute video is a great look at evaluating information that we find online. If you haven’t taken the time to watch it, you really need to. This got me thinking about students and helping them learn to evaluate information. I decided to write. In the end I’ve produced a five page piece that is meant to be given to students as a first step in teaching them to evaluate information they find online. It is meant for…

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Crap Detection 101

Howard Rhiengold, quoting Ernest Hemingway from 1954: “Every man should have a built-in automatic crap detector operating inside him.” Have twenty minutes to spare? Even better, have twenty minutes to spare at a staff meeting? Which this video with your staff. Read the accompanying blog post. Talk about the literacies that we need to be helping students in our classrooms to develop.

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